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About the Project

SumFX™ is a social security app, built for your safety and security. We're creating a set of tools to help you control what you share, who can view it and how much it can be propagated on the internet. Once installed, the app will take control of all of your social apps, blocking them from sharing data unless you choose to share it. SumFX™ is a small team of entrepreneurs from the UK. We live in different parts of the country and we communicate mostly by emails and skype. We feel it's time to take our project to the next level by opening a JVME project for our project. We will be actively recruiting team members on here for equity, as well as funds and business opportunities. We're very excited to take SumFX™ to the world!

Our Goal

Join me to create this app! We strive to create a safer internet by giving users control over who can recieve their data.

Our Team
Mordechai Braunstein
Mordechai Braunstein

Mordechai Braunstein


Project Manager

  • 14/02

    Finish Recruitment process

    Recruit coders and project manger and have our first team skype meeting
  • 31/03

    Finish definition

    Finish high level definition of our app and go over it as a team
  • 23/04

    Start production

    Make sure all of our members know their part and are ready to start working