Opensource ERP system based on Laravel5 and AngularJS - set up a new company and team


I would like to create an opensource ERP system, based on Laravel framework, with mobile applications API and Angular JS frontend.

About the Project

Laravel framework is one of the most widespread PHP frameworks over the world. PHP language and developers are easy to find, everyone knows how to works with it and when small and medium enterprises start looking for their first ERP system, they usually go to PHP developers. There are several solutions, but none of them covers well the needed requirements for an ERP system, and none is built over Laravel and AngularJS.

Our Goal

Create a team of the company - CEO, CFO and Marketing director.

Our Team
Deyan Yankov
Deyan Yankov

Deyan Yankov


Project Manager
JV Member

IT management, PHP programming

  • 31/08

    Set up the team

    Set up 3 people in the company team
  • 15/09

    Register company officially

    Make official company registration
  • 30/09

    Lay down documentation and specification

    Create documentation for the most important features on the ERP.