How it works
JVME is where ideas come to life, the dream community.
We believe in your dreams. We believe that in almost every drawer lies a great idea that can do something in the world, and we want to see that happen. On JVME you will find everything you need in order to bring your idea to the real world, from concept all through to market in one place. So open that drawer, time to make dreams come true.
The way we see it, ideas need four things in order to grow into amazing markets.

#1 - Team

A team is the corner stone of any successful project; it's what makes the whole thing go. On JVME you will be able to recruit professionals and amateurs who can do all the things you can't and can share your project with you all the way through. Choose your designer, coder, or product manager, and start your project rolling.

#2 - Funds

That means money, the fuel that this engine runs on. You can stop looking for that one investor who will bank roll your whole operation. Unless you've been sleeping for a few years, then you know how crowdfunding can work for you. On jVME you will be able to run flexible crowd funding campaigns right from your project page and really get things going.

#3 - Management

You need to document, organize and track your work; you need a project management tool. Make sure you know what your team is doing, plan your time table, and collect all relevant files and document. Socialize with your team, and interact with your audience in your private team space or public feed.

#4 - Business opportunities and connections

Once you got a prototype you'll need manufacturing, shipping, marketing, and a whole range of services and tools to turn your idea to market. Open yourself up to collaborations on all aspects of your operation, and allow the community to offer help.
JVME is a social network based on projects. Users like you create projects that you can join, fund or follow.
You will be able to follow, message, and invite users to collaborate on your projects with you. Once you follow a user, you will receive updates on what projects they're working on, and be there when they need someone like you to work with. Following a user is a good way to stay included

If you see a project you love, you will be able to follow it, join it, fund or offer your services (or all of the above!). Follow projects to receive updates and stay aware of opportunities you might want to take advantage of. In order to join a project you will need to apply for a position within the project, and explain why you fit the job. Once you're approved you will be included in the team area of the project page. Once you are on the team, you will be able to see what everyone is doing, share your skills, and reap the rewards together with your team.

Fund projects! Other projects on JVME are what make our community stronger. Not only are you making someone's dream come true, you will also be able to enjoy great products before they reach the market.
It's time to put your ideas out there, are you ready?