Frequently Asked Questions


What is JVME for?

JVME is a one stop shop for all your project needs. It's where you will meet your next team members, your next money guy or app designer, and where you can bring it all together to get your idea out there. If you haven't yet, you should definitely start a project today!

Who can use JVME?

If you got two thumbs and the passion to make stuff happen, you should definitely join JVME today. It's simple, friendly and easy to use, and no matter your field and expertise, somebody out there would love to partner up with you.

What can be done on JVME?

JVME is a social network for dreamers and ideas. Once you set up your profile you can browse ongoing projects that you can join, fund or follow, and you can open your own project and start recruiting members for your team.

Can JVME be used for any project / idea?

Our policy is simple. Everything but porn.
But seriously, we encourage smart, innovative and productive projects that will make our world better in some way. We will check every project submitted to JVME according to those standards. Needless to say that if your project is illegal, indecent or abusive in any way, you can leave that s**t at home.

Who is responsible for the projects on JVME?

Project Creators are responsible for their own projects. JVME does not get involved in individual projects nor do we own the fruits of its success. 
 If you are having problems with a certain project or user, please report to our resolution center and we will help you out in any way we can.

Does JVME guarantee projects completion?

Once again, that's a big no. We can't guarantee your or other's success because we can't guarantee that you will do all the work that you have to in order to succeed. If you are having trouble getting things rolling or keeping them going, we are here to help. We can offer a wide variety of extra services that can help you get along and get things done.

Project Creators

How do I create / upload a project on JVME?

In the Create/Edit project page you can find detailed information on each action required. Remember that you are trying to attract people to interact with your project so dress your idea accordingly.

What should I share on my Project page?

You should share as much or as little as you feel comfortable to share. We obviously understand your need to keep your idea hush hush, and can offer some extra help in protecting your intellectual property. Other than that keep your message simple, short and clear, help people understand what your project is about, what you would be recruiting for and what you are going to do with funds, people want to know what they are getting into.

How do I recruit JV members to my project?

When you set up your project page you will have the ability to add required positions to your project. Just give your position a title, choose the fields and levels of expertise, and how much equity you will allocate for it.

Can I run more than one project at once?

You can run as many projects as you can handle, just be effective.

Can I share my projects with friends?

Sharing is the name of the game!
Your friends are going to be the first people to join, fund and support your project, get them on board as soon as possible.

Can I edit my project after launch?

You can always edit your project at the edit project page.

What are my responsibilities as project creator/owner?

Well, this is your project, and you should treat it as such. It's on you to set up goals, milestones and tasks, to assign them to your team members and to set deadlines. Since you are the project's creator you will have the most control over the project and the team. You will also be in charge of assigning equity to team members and sharing revenue generated through the project, as well as backer rewards and refunds.

How do I communicate with Team members?

There are several ways to do that. You can either post a comment in your project's internal feed – posts on that feed will remain private unless you choose to make them public, you can message specific members individually or you can set up a google hangout session right from your project page!

How do I receive funds?

Funds raised from backers will be credited straight to your ... Account.

What are the fees for crowdfunding?

JVME takes 4% of funds from crowd funding campaigns.

What is the maximum duration for a crowdfunding campaign?

60 days

What should I do if I’m having trouble completing a project?

Your team is your biggest asset, use them! Communicate your trouble with them and see if you can come up with a solution together. If you're still having trouble you can contact us, we can offer some extra services that can help you move things along.

What is Business partners for in JVME?

Business partners are people who want to help sell your product. They have the mailing lists or the know how to get your project out there. If you are ready to sell your product, set up a business partner program and watch the dollars start rolling in.

Projects JV members

What are JV members on JVME?

Members are your team mates on JVME. They will apply for positions and do the work needed in order to advance the project along.

How do I join a project as a JV Member?

On projects that are recruiting you will see the 'position' section right on the project page. In that section you will see all available positions in the project, and you will be able to apply for any position available. To get the job please make sure that you have the required skills and expertise. The project manager will consider your application and approve or disapprove you for the project.

What are my responsibilities as a project’s JV Member?

You are responsible for the project's advancement. You will be assigned tasks and given deadlines and it will be your job to fulfill these assignments on time.

How do I get equity of a project as a JV Member?

The project manager will stipulate how much equity they are willing to share in order to recruit a team member for that position. Once you accept the job it will be between you and the project manager to make sure everyone gets what they have been promised going in. You can contact our resolution center if have a dispute with the project manager.

Can I be removed from a project after joining?

Once you have accepted a position in any project, your termination can only be mutual.

Projects backers

What are backers on JVME?

Backers are people who fund projects.

How do I fund a project?

When a project is trying to raise funds you will see that right on the project page, along with information on how much the project needs, what the funds are needed for and how far along it is. You will be able to choose from preassigned rewards for your contribution.

What do I get for funding a project?

Every project will stipulate rewards for funds given; you will be able to choose from a list of rewards.

Can funding be canceled?

Your contribution can always be refunded, just ask the project manager. If you are having problems with the project manager, you can always turn to our resolution center for further help.

When will I get my reward?

The reward delivery date will be published for every reward.

Who is responsible for sending me the reward?

The project manager will be responsible for rewards and refunds.

Projects Business Partners

What are Business Partners on JVME?

Business partners are essentially affiliates. If you think you can market the products of a project for a share of the revenues, you should join our business partner program.

What can I do as a business partner?

You will be able to market a project's product for a share or the revenue.

How do I become a business partner of a project?

Every project has the ability to set up a business partner program; you will be able to see this right on their project page. When you see that a project has a business partner program just click to join and send your application to the project manager.